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ID Verification

Reliable end to end identity verification solutions

Our administration permits you to rapidly recognize, affirm, confirm, and total characters utilizing innovation that contrasts ID archives and biometrics and data from public data sets. It incorporates a bunch of administrations that assist you with accelerating your onboarding interaction while likewise guaranteeing Know-Your-Client and Know-Your-Representative consistence.

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What we can do for you with our solutions

Facial Liveness

This empowers biometric confirmation utilizing face-matching innovation, guaranteeing that the individual executing the exchange is the real proprietor of the character.

ID Confirmation

Verify that the biometric features on ID cards and government records match to prevent ID fraud.

Service for Digital ID

We offer identity management services that give people control over who can access their data and personal information.


Dependable Data

Precise and sound information from public data sets and other legitimate sources

Trend Setting Innovation

Mechanization, man-made brainpower, and our  GIS geolocating apparatus

Full Compliance

Compliance from beginning to end with regulatory requirements

Instantaneous Delivery

Moment results when you really want it


Smoothed out processes, further developed efficiency, and decreased costs

Continuous Integration

Bother free consolidation of our Programming interface into existing work processes

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